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the little sleeping buddha

I'm really not that sleepy purrr-purr-rrreee-r-eee-yeeep-rrryeeep

I’m really not that sleepy purrr-purr-rrreee-r-eee-yeeep-rrryeeep

Marmie wanted to play. purrrr-ruyp. With the flashdrive. prrrr-rrr. With the flashdrive strap. prrr. With my sleeve. pr-ruyp. With my fingers typing away on the laptop’s keyboard. purrr-rrr-rrr-cheerp. With my elbow, dancing around as I typed. More purring and chirping. Marmie just wanted to play. In the intervals, the purr would suddenly go away, and Marmie would silently doze off. It was cat-and-mouse play catch with staying awake. I stretched out my arm, reaching for the camera behind me. And Marmie wanted to play some more. reeeehaw-prrree-cheerp. With the neck strap, dangling madly and provocative at his whiskers. prrrrruuy-shreep-prrree. With the lens cap, this curious round thing dangling wildly at his paws, just like his fish-on-a-string catching toy. ah, catchaaah! With the lens zooming in and out, this strange black moving thing. His paw swipes tentatively at it: could it be a mechanical mouse… or is it a blackbirdie? chirp-chirp-tweetry-ree, oh, if I could just fetch myself one them, little teases outside Woman’s window… Through the lens, it’s hugely humongous, a paw the size of a house, I’m glad the lens isn’t a birdie or a mouse. prrrr-tweeerpy. With my sleeve once again. prrrrrr, woman keep still I want to hunt you instead. It was all so interesting. It was all so exciting. How could a cat resist all that buzz…?

I wan' that lens cap...

I wan’ that lens cap…

It was all so irresistible… so irresistibl…

Oh, what can a cat, my little buddha feline, do? Flower Miss Moo Cat was already snoring by Man’s feet, and Mackie Mr. Tabby was already in his basket on the floor… and this spot right here on the bed next to Woman, it was just so right and so comfy and warm, just as if it was made for me… and he was just so sleepy, so sleeeepy, so sleee-eee-eeeeep –



… my chirpy, trilling, talkative cat. Marmie, a.k.a. Marmelade Mr. Ginger Tabby.

Yes, you got it: not Marmelada, not Marmalade. But Marme-lade. Our cat Marmelade. When Man decided, all I could do was grin. Just like that other marmelade cat.

oh, I'm just so tired so tired so tired prrrrr-rrryuu-rrryeee-yeeep

oh, I’m just so tired so tired so tired prrrrr-rrryuu-rrryeee-yeeep




pics of Marmelade: © Nina Light 2015 CC-BY-NC-ND


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