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were we ever

Oh how young and free they are
and how simple everything
so transparent and immediate
and conquerable

always conquerable
and now and here.

They are a thing
of beauty and many layers
full of abandon and never a dull day
never a care in this world
so sure and without regret,
so without the fret of fears
or the salt water of tears.

Were we ever thus, so light and gay,
and did we ever play such games, pray
such prayers?

And yet I remember
when time was all there was
and your laughter
echoed, invincible song
and as pure as splintered crystal
in the hallowed hours of our nights
and the shallowness
of all we had as eternal –

were we ever that young?
© Nina Light

image credit: Hieronymous Bosch, scene from “The Garden of Earthly Delights”, central panel.


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