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life, unbound


“I don´t know what beauty you can possibly find in any of that!” She throws at me in passing, her head slowly shaking from one side to the other. I suppose it is yet something else in which I am a disappointment to her. Heart on the sleeve. Head in the clouds. Always in dreamland. Always living a fantasy. “Life is not what you think it is, little missy!”, she used to scold me many, many years ago. “You imagine it´s all sweet words and poetry and everything like in the movies and all la-di-da, and it ain´t, it just ain´t!”

I smile to myself and carry on shooting. I almost tell her that life turns out to be exactly as I imagined it. Every single blessed day. But I don´t. I just smile to Man, who´s crept up silently behind me, he too smiling. His hand is on my shoulder. In my hand, the camera whirrs and purrs. The macro is but the faintest whisper as it slides and locks.

I don´t know how she can say such a thing. Everywhere I turn, everywhere I look, I discover something special, things of such beauty that I want to stay in them forever, keep them inside me as the precious moments they are. Whirr, purr, whisper, snap.

To her it´s all a bother, a garden to be looked after, weeds to pull, unsightly moss, bedevilled ivy. To me, it is beauty unbound.


text & images © Nina Light CC-BY-NC-ND

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all pics: © Nina Light 2015 CC-BY-NC-ND


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