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Smile me into your days
and in a thousand different ways
while there’s still some light in my hands,

and in your eyes still flutter butterflies
and all the oceans I have to give to you;

smile me, and in a thousand different ways
I shall lose myself in the sprays
of your laughter and in your sands,

and I shall smile you the light of skies
so made of the same hue and breath as you;

and you shall then talk about the dead flights of birds
ending as they do in familiar desert winds
and the shadows of unknown Springs,

and I shall tell you all
I know, about the intermittent waters of words
and such other gods, all made of the smallest things;

I shall tell you about the Autumn call
of murmurations, and the breathlessness of wings
against the crystalline blue,

and about the indelible happiness
this hallowed homeliness quietly brings
back to you:

smile me into your eyes and write me into your skin
until we two become flesh and kind and kin.
© Nina Light 2015 CC-BY-NC-ND

image credit: “Starling murmuration over Brighton at sunset“, by Alan McKenzie


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