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tell me something else

Tell me something else
a wing or a leaf


slowly descending

slipping into the oblivion
of days and the wind


where everything goes
and the memory of you ends

not finally

not suddenly

but slowly fades
into the inexorable chaos of all things
finished and perfect and polished
and forever there
things no one else can see or dare.
Tell me something

else, she begs me,
a song I have not heard
or maybe just time ticking

slowly moving

on, falling like sand
into this inexorable emptiness
of life and wings and whispers
and shadows or solitary windows,
a finished score –

and then maybe


maybe the echo in my head
will be no more.

Or else
tell me none of what’s been said
before, show me a page
I haven’t yet read

the blade’s edge
that moment insane and brief
and the fall
the gist and meaning of it all.
So tell me

tell me something
else, an empty door
the hollow floor
your absent hand your clouded lip
and the stillness in your eye:

tell me those were but a lie
that time is not sand
and love still burns




So tell me. Tell me something else I never knew,
and make it bright and brand new –
a gesture a smile a rite
of passage a sigh

a moment of light,
the imponderability of flight
in the transparency of the blue

in the constancy of the sea
the tide that turns
and returns to the shore:

love is bondage and sorrow
and loss is without tomorrow.

Tell me something more –
tell me anything, and set me free.
© Nina Light 2015


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