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when the days are nearly done


We’ll be like this, I know, my love
and we too shall dance by the sea
when the sun is setting low
and the day is nearly done.

We’ll dance to a tune only you and I know,
you whistling yours while I hum mine
making music the way we’ve done all our time.
Your eyes will twinkle and my cheeks will glow,
and again you’ll call me your dove
and I’ll call you my heart my soul my mate
my right hand, forever as one.
You and I, my love, you and I,
when the day is nearly done
and autumn never too late.

And again we shall kiss as if this time,
each time’s always the first and always new,
and again I’ll throw my head
back and laugh against the blue
and you’ll kiss my neck and whisper
the things you used to whisper
when you and I were young.

And the waters will come
and the waters will go
and our feet shall sink in the sand
as we dance, hand in hand,
and it’ll be like always
and autumn never late —

though we’ve never danced like this before,
by the side of the sea when the sun is setting low
and our days are nearly done.
© 2016 Nina Light

feature image: Pinterest

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