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Review: Serenity Avenged ~ Craig A Hart

188 pages, paperback £7.99
199 pages, Kindle £2.39


A ruthless crime boss…a mansion with a chilling secret…a young man faced with the biggest decision of his life.

When his daughter goes into premature labor, Shelby Alexander leaves his northern hideaway for downstate. No sooner does he drive into town, than things go sour. His ex-wife, Helen, faces deadly consequences after hard times force her to take desperate measures, setting off a dangerous chain of events. Racing against time to save those he loves the most and avoid unspeakable tragedy, Shelby faces down an evil crime lord, trained killers, and one of the closest brushes with death yet.

The third book in the popular Shelby Alexander Thriller Series, Serenity Avenged takes readers on a breath-taking ride through a hail of bullets, close calls, and betrayal.

Shelby Alexander wins the day… again, though only just about!
Because this time it was quite a hard won battle, which endangered everything Alexander holds dear! Here’s a brief synopsis and review:

In Serenity Avenged, we see the main character, Shelby Alexander, confront and eventually defeat a powerful and ruthless crime lord. We’ve followed Alexander here from his past two adventures in his seemingly otherwise quiet abode town of Serenity, where he retired after a life of boxing and detective / fixer work.

Shelby Alexander is trying hard to live a quiet life, trying to find some measure of serenity (yes, precisely!) while rebuilding his relationship with his estranged daughter Leslie, who’s now pregnant and near term. Leslie and his old friend Mack are his only ties to his past, and while Leslie harbours not so secret hopes of one day seeing her father and her mother Helen reconciled, Mack and Alexander suspect there might be another reason behind Helen’s seemingly sudden resurgence in Alexander’s life.

As Leslie goes into labour, Helen’s life and her relationship with a powerful and psychopathic local mafia baron and money-lender starts to disintegrate, bringing the conflict to a head and endangering Leslie’s life and that of Alexander’s unborn grandchild. And that, definitely, is something Alexander cannot countenance or tolerate.

As the conflict escalates, Shelby, Mack, a repentant Helen and an unexpected ally find themselves drawn into the midst of a fight to the death to save Leslie – and themselves. Along the way, the body count keeps piling up. And as the blurb itself hints, it’s their closest brush with death ever.

It’s a well written book, with solidly drawn characters and an imaginative story line. I found the dialogue at times doesn’t flow as I’m used to, but I’m ready to suspend belief and accept that somewhere someone might actually have such conversations… Overall I found this 3rd book in the Serenity series a rather pleasant and enjoyable read, exactly as I’ve come to expect from Craig Hart and his Shelby Alexander’s adventures, packed as they are with everything from humour to love to action (plenty of it!). All I can say is I look forward to the next instalment, Serenity Submerged.

Verdict: an entertaining read
Rating: ♥♥♥♥
Shelf: Thrillers & Suspense


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