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A Short Intermission

With emphasis on the short. I promise. But, you see, needs must. My writer assures me that is so.

The fact is, I’ve been for an M.O.T., and it seems I’ve been found severely lacking — mostly, in the looks department, though the word ‘functionality’ has been mentioned at some point about something or the other. Surely it can’t have been about me…?

Nevertheless. All things considered, it appears I’m now due for one fantastic makeover (or so my writer has promised me).g

I’m told it’ll begin with a brand new magazine-style — yippee! new glad rags! — with a bold top menu and a slider for a number of highlighted posts, as well as well-defined display areas with side menus. But that may not be all. My writer has confided in me that a brand new, Miss-Clever-Clogs tagline, something this theme has sadly been lacking in, may also be in the works. It might depend on a thing or two, but it’s not out of the question — and, to tell you honestly, I have missed having a tagline of my own.

As things are, and much to my despair, my writer has already begun disabling menus, categories and tags, as they’ll need a little reworking to better suit my new outfit. But even so, and so that all these wondrous changes in my new attire and makeup — and oh, all right! I concede, in my functionality — may take their time to fully develop and settle in and, erm… and since my writer seems to be woefully short on wonder powders for all of this magic season…

Well, as I was saying, even so, I’m afraid that I shall have to close my drawing-room doors for a few days — maybe as little as three, or as long as a week if things don’t exactly go according to my writer’s plan.

So — see you all again, all going well, some time next week.

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