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best intentions, and things gang aft agley

A week ago I decided to set myself the task of redesigning this blog. It was something that had been in the cards anyway, as I was never completely happy with how the slider was working with the featured posts in the current theme. It simply did not seem to come out right, no matter how much I loved it — and no matter how much I tried. Which I did. I tried all the tricks I know (they aren’t all that many, needless to say, but still), and it always came down to the same two answers: I could, of course, choose different photos for the slider; but I thought it important, for instance, for the reviews to be accompanied by the book cover photos as featured pics…

Thus things had slowly come to a bit of a standstill. If using a different featured picture was out of the question, then the only other answer was, of course, to adopt a different theme. But after all the work I had to sort this one out…?


No way! — As soon as I’d start considering the other option, reluctant me would come up fighting. Until one afternoon, in the middle of going over the same stuff for the 11-hundredth-umpteenth time, something rebelled inside me.

Well… Well, way!

And there it was. Unavoidable. Inescapable. Ineluctable. If there was nothing else that could be done about it, and if my dissatisfaction with the current design was to be addressed at all, then a new theme was obviously what was required. And all the work would have to be done, all over again. As simple as that.

I proceeded to set the week aside for just such task; there was just too much work needed if the blog was to display just as I’ve envisaged it. Apart from the fact that there was a brand new theme to learn from scratch. Even if everything else (e.g. categories, tags, formatting) would work well with the new theme as it was — which I know they don’t — setting up the theme would still take some time; and I know for a fact that all my old posts do need reformatting, because in a previous theme I had to insert some code to adjust the font sizes: all that code now needs to be deleted, in one of the most mind-numbing tasks ever known to bloggers anywhere.

After a thorough search, a new theme that fitted the bill was found. It seemed to tick all but one of my requirements. It does not have an automatic moving slider, though it does have a slider (but you have to swipe left or press the right arrow to browse through the featured posts). And the different sections are just as well demarcated as I would want them to be, and in the required number to showcase the blog’s diverse content while making it instantly accessible: one section for books and reviews, one section for author features and interviews, another for the blog posts… and so on.The blog would have a new tagline, too, something catchy and cool and brilliant and… In my head, my blog was already looking like the proverbial million dollars. Except.

Yes. Except. Except that, in the words of the poet, “the best laid schemes o’ mice and men Gang aft agley”. And he was obviously a man who knew well what he was talking about (and little did he know of the 21st Century!). So: here’s me, looking at things on paper and wanting to get some answers before I make one huge, momentous decision… except that answers aren’t as forthcoming as one would expect. Especially because one is offering to buy a service that, come to think of it, is in fact quite expensive… Oh, nevermind.

And then, then there was the Kindle problem, of course. Which is still ongoing. Still, still, still ongoing. Today I downloaded the same book several times — and I still can’t find it. And that was today alone. Publishing date is tomorrow. Review date is tomorrow. And I still haven’t read it. Because, in order to read it, I need to find it first. And I can’t find it. I download it, download is successful, and then it isn’t there. Anywhere. Nowhere. Once, twice, three times, Umpteen times. Not in the books menu, not in the docs folder, nowhere. All other books on earth, seemingly, except this particular one. And there seems to be nothing I can do. But… nevermind.


In the end, this week it all came down to this: Hail the new guardians of our lives! The emails from the customer service assistants were dutifully filtered to the spam folder, which of course might have something to do with the fact that both emails came from the private boxes of the assistants, instead of WP itself. And if there is one thing my email spam filter seems to know by heart is that I pretty much do not have any Georginas or Veldas in my address book. Therefore, spam them, vile dangerous cheeky persons trying to make contact! And thus it is that after a week, and despite living in this modern age of ethereal, internet-enabled super-speedy comms, I’m still without customer service and none the wiser about any of my doubts and questions.

So, yes. Nevermind, nevermind, never mind. What else can I tell myself, after a whole wasted week? 

Never mind. And never stop. Above all, never stop. There are plenty of books to read. And reviews to write. Other things to organise, such as last weekend’s photographs. Especially the ones with my delicious grandchildren: Mom has been anxiously waiting on me to process them. I also need to do some calendar updating, logging in all the new reads by release date. Maybe some sort of loose reading/reviewing plan could be possible after all… thus simplifying my life quite considerably. Yes. I really do need to get some sort of [better] organisation going.


Oh, the Kindle…? You may well ask. But I have absolutely no explanation for that. Or solution. It seems, however, that no sort of reading/reviewing plan is going to be possible any time soon, after all. Even if it was, it’d quite probably go awry too — if for no other reason, because now we do have all this indispensable tech of ours, to “leave us naught but grief and pain For promised joy.”

And amen to that, Mr. Burns.


    • nina says

      It was an exhausting week. Made worse by the every-10-minutes-running-to-the-email thing, to see if there was a reply from WP. Made even worse by my kindle refusal to display one particular title… Argh. We must be mad, to depend on all this tech! If only my hands could still hold a book for longer reading periods… (and then still be able to write!)

      Liked by 1 person

    • nina says

      Oh, and I forgot to tell you we had a 6 hour blackout in the middle of the day on Thursday, leaving me to aerate the fish manually… LOL


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