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And so it is…


And so it is that I’m going live again. My writer has just ticked the little circle thing on the reading settings, and hey, presto! here I am for all to see.

In the time that I was away — well, not away away, really, I’ve been here all the time it’s just that I was under wraps — my writer eventually gave me a most comprehensive makeover: I’ve got a new theme, new menus, new widgets (a-hem, there’s one widget malfunctioning and still a few that are missing, but the cats say the writer is only human and time is definitely money), a new a review policy, a Rules of Hauissh (whatever one of those is), a new bio page… and a tagline! I’ve got a new tagline!!! Yiiipee! Without one, I must confess that I felt like I was going to the races without a hat! Or to a ball without crystal slippers! Or… well, let’s not get too carried away, you surely get my drift.

The writer says that it’s a pity that I have to go live without most of my previous content, but all I can say is… who cares? The cats of course stick out for their human, and call me a selfish so-and-so. But what can I do? If it can’t be helped then there’s nothing that can be done. It’s like my writer always mumbles when things aren’t going too well with me and she can’t figure it out: o que não tem remédio remediado está. Apparently it was her Great Aunt that used to say that: if it has no remedy then it’s remedied. Damned if I know what that means. Does that even make any sense…?

Oh, here come the cats again. I better shut up or else. ‘Cause you should see the size and sharpness of their claws… So. Where was I? Ah! I’ve had to go live without most of my precious previous content: something about redundant html code that needs weeding out and inadequate number of pixels. Or something. Apparently, it was all alright with some of her own writing because it had been published in her old blog and she had unedited copies, but all the most recent stuff now needs editing. All her book reviews included. And she’s not a very happy writer at the mo, you mark my words, so I better just get out of her way. So yeah. Anyway. You kittehs figure that all out: I’m off to flaunt my new visual online. There’s this delicious he-blog I met only the other day, and if you ask me we make the most handsome couple ever… Oh, there you are… Selfies anyone?

Ta-rah! Toodle-oo! See y’all later!


image credit: one of the many amazing cat drawings by Higuchi Yuko. I’m a great fan, as are the writer and the kittehs, one of the very few things we are all in agreement…


  1. Really like the look and sound of your writings Nina!

    And many thanks for the follow on my author blog :)


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