Hello, and welcome to Nina’s scribbles, my brand new newly refurbished blog home. It’s got new clothes, a new hairdo… everything. It was a complete, very thorough makeover.

It’s still very much work-in-progress, as no doubt you, my patient reader, can see: some of the bones and braces of the thing are still missing, though in the process of being forged. But don’t despair: it’ll soon be whole and navigable. And soon too all those posts that it used to house will be returned here, with their feature images tailored to fit.

In the meantime, the TBR pile is slowly progressing towards a HBR, which is my second favourite state for books (the top being, of course, HBRR, i.e., read and reviewed…). However, and as far as aforementioned reviews go, there are now quite a few reviews now very, very overdue — and still very, very unwritten. Which is the task I shall be devoting myself to presently, while reformatting all posts and adjusting the few missing nuts and bolts and bones and braces of this thing… until it’s perfect, and running perfectly smooth (erm… if it ever will, at least to my satisfaction).

So — go explore, since you’re here. Not that the missing widgets will let you go wild on its contents, but still; there’s already a little bit to look at, and plenty more to come. Hope you enjoy my writing, my reviews and book recommendations, my interviews and all the magpie-ed bits and other bits and bobs I’ll keep throwing in. I trust you to let me know if you don’t, and set me straight once and for all…

Thanks for stopping by, and bearing with me this long.