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Hello, and welcome to my blog.
Here are a few things that might be useful for you to know about my book reviewing:

1. I am a book and writing blogger based in the UK.

2. I am currently accepting books/ARCs for review.

3. I accept books for review in kindle format, as well as paper ARCs.

4. Acceptance of a book does not mean it will be read and reviewed.
I reserve the right not to read copies that are too badly formatted, without editing or badly edited, or whose English I deem to be so poor it seriously impairs my reading and understanding of the text.

5. My book reviews always reflect my honest opinion of the book.
Accepting a book for review does not mean that I will necessarily be giving it a favourable review, or a high score.

6. Is there a specific date when you need the book reviewed by?
Please let me know, and I will try to work with that deadline as much as I can.

7. I post all my reviews on my blog, and link to them on Twitter and Facebook.
I also publish reviews on NetGalley, Goodreads, and Amazon UK. Please let me know whether you would also like the review posted to the publishers’ website and/or to

8. Please do not plug your own book on this blog unless specifically invited to do so.

9. Please DO NOT solicit a review on a comment to a post or review on this blog.
The same applies to Twitter, Facebook or any other social media account. If you would like me to review one of your books, there’s a contact form on the top right-hand side menu, as well as an email address listed below. You can use either to send me some information about your book (for instance genre, synopsis, length, review date and publishing date). I will then decide whether your book and I might be a good fit or not. If I decide to accept your book, then points 3. and 4. will still apply, but I will let you know the grounds for my decision not to review.

10. These are the genres I usually read:
Literary Fiction
Historical Fiction
Science Fiction
Women’s Fiction
Non-fiction: biographies & memoirs, politics & history; outdoors, nature & the environment; literature & literary analysis; cookbooks, food & wine; health & wellness; mind, body & spirit; travel.

And these are the genres that I usually do not read:
Urban Fantasy

This said, however, and as with everything else, there are always exceptions, and I may at any point in time read something from another genre, or to more permanently add or subtract genres from either list.


Please email any further questions or requests to, or use the contact form on the top menu, right-hand side corner.

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