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those things that make a day

I feel I love I live
I look I see I hear
I smile I cry I fear.

I dream I sense I need.
I touch I reach I hold,
I contemplate and behold.

I read I think I learn
I write I teach I give
and I understand and forgive.

I forget. And I reject. And I resist.
I decry and I denounce and I fight,
and I wrong and I right.

I long. I wish. I hope.
I falter I fall I stand.
I try. I fail. I land.

I take I make I breed,
I raise and I nurture and keep
not, but gently release

what I sow I grow I reap:
the bread the heart the hand
of time the gentle flowing sand

so that some day I may, I can, I will,
when the rest of the day be done,
breathe and live and become —

of the bird the wing and the trill
of the wind the sail and the whisper,
the wave and the salt of the sea;

of the hand the gesture and giving
of all but seed and fruit and tree
of the garden the lushness of living.

© Nina Light CC-BY-NC-ND

featured image: “Flowering Garden” (1988), Vincent van Gogh

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