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Hogwarts revisited

As man had whispered to me one night as he held me tight against him, Avranches was like his very own Hogwarts. A magical place, the place where he’d first glimpsed his own brand of wizardry.

And now here it was, finally in front of us… And visibly casting yet more of its spells.


      We arrived in Avranches and at first it didn’t look like anything much. We had seen so many, so beautiful, rustic, historical villages on our way here! What’s happening? What’s going on? Is this it…?! We were a bit lost and confounded: where was the beautiful small town He-Herder remembered and had described to me? Where were all those beautiful buildings we had seen when we had googled the town? Where? And is that your school? No, wrong name. Ok. No worries. We’ll find it. (Erm… eventually, we would.) Following the “Centre Ville” sign, we find ourselves on a narrow one-way street, quite steep, going down the hill. On either side were two storey houses, many with shops and small restaurants or bistros on the ground floor, and two rows of neat paned windows on the two floors above. Compared to those we had first seen, these houses, clad in the beige-grey stone we were already getting accustomed to seeing all around us, already oozed character. And at the end of this road …