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Announcing Friends & Other Liars blog tour

§ Debut Novel Explores Secrets Among Friends…and Other Liars Sometimes the secrets we keep are more dangerous than the ones we reveal… When Ruby St. James returns to her hometown of Chatwick, Vermont, it’s under the worst circumstances. It’s been ten years since she’s been home, and [a]s the secrets begin to trickle out, Ruby struggles between the pull to reconnect with the friends who once meant so much to her and the desperate need to keep the secret that changed her life. Told from alternating viewpoints and flashbacks, Friends and Other Liars is the story of five friends coming to terms with what it means to betray the ones who love you most. § Friends and Other Liars is a debut novel by Kaela Coble. Don’t miss it here tomorrow: book review excerpt Q&A with Kaela Coble  

Review: Fire Sermon ~ by Jamie Quatro

This title was rather kindly sent to me by its publishers, Pan Macmillan/Picador. This review has also been published to NetGalley, GoodReads, LinkedIn, and my social media accounts. the blurb: Maggie is entirely devoted to her husband Thomas, their two beautiful children, and to God—until what begins as a platonic intellectual and spiritual exchange between writer Maggie and poet James transforms into an erotically-charged bond that challenges Maggie’s sense of loyalty and morality, drawing her deeper into the darkness of desire. A daring debut novel of obsession, lust, and salvation by the highly lauded author of the story collection, I Want To Show You More, Fire Sermonis a tour de force that charts with bold intimacy and immersive sensuality the life of a married woman in the grip of a magnetic affair. ♦ “It would be difficult to overstate the wonder I felt while reading this novel. It’s among the most beautiful books I’ve ever read about longing — for beauty, for sex, for God, for a coherent life.” — Garth Greenwell, author of What Belongs to You ♦ the …

mal au cœur

      He sits by my side, his gaze seemingly stuck somewhere behind the computer screen. I talk to him, softly. Again. But still I get no reply. I stop what I am doing and I lean back, inconspicuously observing him somewhat more attentively than before, from the corner of my eye. Something is eating him up inside, I know him only too well. I just wish he’d talk to me. I’ve got everything sorted into neat piles on the bed, right there in front of us. We’ve stopped for a while, giving ourselves a little breather, alongside a cuppa and a biccie, and a wee little fluttering of wings around Twitter. Just to see if there are any new instalments in any of the sagas that have had our attention absorbed for the last few months — if not Brexit then May, if not May then Labour, if not Labour then Trump, if not either or each of them, or all of them combined in one great big heavy over-looming shadow, then this dismaying state …