The Rules of Hauissh


So, here you are… Welcome to my home.


I hope you like my book reviews and other writing, and decide to hang around. There are however a few a priori considerations which, unfortunately, have proven to be necessary after a few unsavoury incidents, and so I leave them here.

Your feedback is more than quite welcome, it is very important to me, though I reserve the right to not publish and/or answer comments, and this, quite honestly, without feeling obliged to justify any of my decisions. Any contributions that do not respect the few basic rules set out here will be summarily deleted. Period.

Please try to keep your comments concise and to the point – and above all on topic. You’re quite welcome to write your own post about it, and link back to mine, but a comment is not meant to be a 2,000 word essay. Besides, research suggests that shorter comments do tend to keep a healthy conversation going. This does not mean, of course, that there aren’t exceptions – and not least because, as it is said, it is indeed the exception that confirms the rule.

I expect politeness and courtesy at all times, and a minimum of ‘bloggetiquette’ – towards me, and quite particularly towards other guests in this home of mine. Remember, you are all guests under my roof. In return, you shall never receive anything less than absolute courtesy from me, at all times.

Also, mind your expletives, please. Remember that some people are sensitive to them. So try not to go OTT on them. Especially if they’re bad ones. And especially if you care at all to see your contributions approved. I do tend to believe that actions remain with those who practise them, and it really is no skin off my nose if you wish to be obnoxious – it’s just that I am not willing to let you do it in my home.

And that will be all. Nowhere near Quantum Physics, and certainly not as impenetrable as a simple Game of Hauissh, the Persons’ hexa-directional strategic battle game, whose rules are said to be so frighteningly complex they are totally beyond the grasp of all others, humans included (and yes, that was a literary reference! And the image is a clue.).

And on this note… Thank you so much for visiting – and doubly for your fantastic understanding.




image: Grand Central Station, Rowan Wu Art


  1. George Hancocks says

    I’m a bit confused or maybe just stupid. Many bloggers use short forms in caps which I fail to understand. Is there some dictionary where I can look up digital abbreviations? And what in heaven’s name is Hauissh? Sorry to be so dense, but you’ve left me. And by the way, the last time I read a priori was in philosophy class back in university when I was wading through Emmanuel Kant! Shades of Socrates!


    • Yes, these are literary references from a 1997 book – The Book of Night with Moon, by Diane Duane. Something I read a long time ago and loved so much I wrote a series of cat stories based on Duane’s fiction. If you like fantasy with cats, dinosaurs and collapsing dimensional gates, then maybe you should have a taster and see if it goes with you. (I hesitate to class Duane’s fiction as Young Adult (YA) because most of the fans I know are as old or older than me…

      Duane was (is?) one of the writers who wrote for Star Trek, so her following as a Trekkie writer is huge. The 1997 book was something a bit off the beaten track, and it hit a huge success right from the start. The writing is very vivid and cinematic, and the adventures are very fetching, with cats as the protagonists and goodies of the story, engaged in maintaining the world safe, and protecting it when the gates start collapsing. Perfect for cat lovers!!!

      However — as I explain, the game of Hauissh is a multidimensional strategic game played by felines… Diane Duane’s website contains a glossary and etc. There used to be a fantastic site with all things connected to Duane’s fictional fantastic worlds, but something must have happened because I can no longer find it. But I think you can still find dictionaries of Ailurin etc. Here



      That’ll get you started. However… you (and the other readers) were supposed to be finding this out by yourselves, maybe with the help of “Saint Google”…

      In any case, I’ll either write a feature article or a note to the post, or add links on the page at a later stage…

      Thanks for visiting, George. And Philosophy…? Kant…? Socrates…? DId you enjoy? I read Kant for Political Philosophy. It was hard going. And I also read the Hellenic classics, including Socrates and Plato, once at Coimbra University for my Modern Languages degree, and again when doing my politics and European studies degrees.

      Reviewing for NetGalley requires certain ‘a prioris’, such as review policy, etc. I’ve also had some problems in the past, with trolls barging into conversations and insulting my readers and subscribers, and unfortunately WordPress’s blocking policy is very weak. That is why I had to make comments moderated, and decided to publish a ‘good manners’ policy for the blog… Now people choose. If they want to be part of a community, fine: they follow the rules. If not, if they want their kicks out of being obnoxious, they only get one kick on my blog. Like this, at the first offence they now know they are automatically moderated out. Sad, but it’s the world we’re living in.

      Sorry for not publishing your comment immediately, but I want to do things my way, and for the time being I keep the mystery of the Hauissh game… ;-)

      Are you a cat or dog person, by the way?

      And if there are any rogue acronyms creeping out in my writing, please let me know so that I can rein them in!

      Kind regards,


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